Toilet Mold Brush

Scrub, Scrub and Scrub some more with a toilet mold brush!

Scrub extra hard with your toilet mold brush to ensure all of the dirt, mold, mildew and grime are removed from your apartment / house. Using a toilet mold brush, especially one with a soft, cushioned grip, can make all the difference in how clean your dwelling becomes. The key to scrubbing hard is having a toilet mold brush that conforms to your hand and really lets you dig the bristles into the cleaning areas. You will want to move your toilet mold brush back and forth at a steady pace to ensure the area is truly worked over well and at times increase / decrease the pressure of your toilet mold brush on the area. Having a clean apartment / house takes a lot of work, so make sure you always have a toilet mold brush in your home, so you can be ready to battle the elements on daily basis.

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Toilet Bowl Brush And Caddy

Toilet Bowl Brush And Caddy


Clean your toilet like never before with the only toilet brush featuring a unique cushioned grip, strong nylon bristles and a color coordinated caddy.

  • Soft, cushioned rubber grip
  • Durable and stiff nylon bristles
  • Strong ABS plastic frame
  • Comes with holder for easy storage
  • Support for people with arthritis / carpal tunnel
  • Ideal for cleaning toilet rims, underneath toilet seats and toilet bowls

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Years of research and testing went into creating the soft, cushioned grip. It started with four-finger-holes and evolved into a handle that conforms to your hand to offer the most comfortable and supportive cleaning experience.