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If you are looking for the most stylish, innovative and comfortable Salt Lake City umbrella around, then your search has now ended. Introducing the Brolly rain umbrella, which takes Salt Lake City umbrellas to a whole new level. With its patent pending finger hole grip, the Brolly umbrella offers more comfort and support than traditional Salt Lake City umbrellas and it is the only umbrella that enables you to multitask in the rain. Picture a rainy Salt Lake City day when you need to open the car door, carry grocery bags or just hold onto a backpack / purse. Now, picture the same wet Salt Lake City weather with a Brolly rain umbrella. Your fingers will be free to perform any task and you will be protected from the rain with the Brolly's strong and durable canopy. So, don't delay, go out and pick up a Brolly umbrella today and get rid of your other Salt Lake City umbrellas!

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The Auto Open and Close UmbrellaThe Auto Open and Close UmbrellaThe Auto Open and Close Umbrella

The Auto Open and Close Umbrella


A Brolly grip, auto open and close button, strong 38 canopy, solid metal frame, and compact 14 folded up.

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Years of research and testing went into creating the Brolly grip. It started with four finger holes and evolved into a handle that offers the most comfortable and secure rain umbrella holding experience. And, it makes the Brolly, the only rain umbrella that lets you text / email in the rain.