About us

The origin of the Brolly umbrella

We thought it was time to shake up the umbrella industry by building the most comfortable, stylish and fun umbrella around and we called it the “Brolly”. The name is derived from the British term “Brolly”, which means umbrella and the look is derived from years of research and consumer feedback. The common theme from everyday people was that standard umbrellas were uncomfortable to hold and could easily fly out of peoples’ hands during wet and windy weather. As such, our design and engineering team focused on creating a one-of-a-kind grip that not only conforms to peoples’ hands to provide maximum comfort, but also includes finger holes to prevent the Brolly from flying away during blustery conditions.

Where else can I buy the Brolly umbrella?

The Brolly rain umbrella is currently available online and will soon be available in retail stores throughout the United States. Please check back for the latest retail store additions.

Customer service

Our dedicated customer service team is here to help you with any questions or feedback that you have. Please feel free to contact us.

Public relations

For any media inquiries please contact media@brollytime.com