Toilet Scrub Brush

Clean your home each week with a toilet scrub brush!

It's important to keep your home / apartment / condo clean on a weekly basis to prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, bacteria and mold. As such, take out your toilet scrub brush each week and start scrubbing away. Make sure you get into tight corners and crevices of your home to ensure that nothing is missed. Using a toilet scrub brush on a regular basis can make all the difference in keeping your home clean from pathogens and allergens and giving you peace of mind. It is especially important to use a toilet scrub brush regularly if you have children running around, who often bring in dirt and debris from outdoors. So, if you don't have a toilet scrub brush in your home, pick up at least one today and get in the habit of cleaning your place each week.

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Toilet Bowl Brush And Caddy

Toilet Bowl Brush And Caddy


Clean your toilet like never before with the only toilet brush featuring a unique cushioned grip, strong nylon bristles and a color coordinated caddy.

  • Soft, cushioned rubber grip
  • Durable and stiff nylon bristles
  • Strong ABS plastic frame
  • Comes with holder for easy storage
  • Support for people with arthritis / carpal tunnel
  • Ideal for cleaning toilet rims, underneath toilet seats and toilet bowls

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Years of research and testing went into creating the soft, cushioned grip. It started with four-finger-holes and evolved into a handle that conforms to your hand to offer the most comfortable and supportive cleaning experience.