Palm Beach Umbrella

Use Palm Beach umbrellas to reserve seats

The next time you and your friends attend a busy Palm Beach sporting event or just sit on a Palm Beach park bench, make sure you bring along a umbrella. By having a Palm Beach umbrella, you can hold a seat for your friends when they hit the concession stands, restrooms or when they just leave for a few minutes. Here is how it works. Take the example of when you are at at a Florida baseball game and your friend decides to get up and buy you both some peanuts and cracker jacks (not to be too trite). You can then simply place your Florida umbrella on your friend's seat and you won't have to worry about someone trying to take it. It's that easy. The same can be said when sitting on a Palm Beach park bench. You can lay out your Palm Beach umbrella horizontally or vertically depending on how many friends you are with and how long your umbrella is. It's the ultimate seat protector. So, just remember, the next time you need to reserve a seat, use your Florida umbrella.

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The Windy City Original


A Brolly grip, strong 38 canopy, solid metal frame, and compact 17 folded up.

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Years of research and testing went into creating the Brolly grip. It started with four finger holes and evolved into a handle that offers the most comfortable and secure rain umbrella holding experience. And, it makes the Brolly, the only rain umbrella that lets you text / email in the rain.